Leaf of life Botanicals review

Leaf of life botanicals is an online store which sells different products of Kratom. Not only Kratom products but also some other herbal products are also available at Leaf of life botanicals.

Leaf of life botanical offers good quality Kratom products. They claim that they have always delivered the best Kratom products to their buyers.  They never compromise on their quality. They prefer to provide best and safe products of Kratom.

They pack their products in quite an attractive packaging. They deliver products with sealed packaging, which is for the safe delivery of the product.


Strains available at Leaf of life Botanicals:

A decidedly wider variety of strains is available at the Leaf of life botanicals. They offer a diversity of Kratom products, which attracts a lot of buyers. It is because the purchaser can get all the desired outcomes under the same roof.

Following are the strains of Kratom available at this store:

White Kratom Strains products:

Following strains of white-veined Kratom are available at Leaf of life botanicals:

  • Aceh Good Kratom
  • White Aceh kratom
  • White Bali kratom
  • White Borneo
  • White elephant kratom
  • White enlightened Kratom
  • White horn kratom
  • White Maeng Da kratom
  • White Malay Kratom

Red Kratom Strains products:

Following strains of red-veined Kratom are available at Leaf of life botanicals:

  • Red Bentuangie
  • Red Aceh kratom
  • Red dragon kratom
  • Red Bali kratom
  • Red enlightened Kratom
  • Red Borneo kratom
  • Aceh good Kratom
  • Red Maeng Da kratom

Green Kratom Strains products:

Leaf of life botanicals offer the following strains of green-veined Kratom:

  • Green Borneo kratom
  • Green Malay kratom
  • Green Enlightened kratom
  • Green Jongkong kratom
  • Green Hulu kratom
  • Green Bali kratom
  • Green Aceh
  • Green Maeng Da kratom

Yellow Kratom Strains:

These two strains of yellow Kratom are available at this store:

  • Super yellow Kratom
  • Yellow Aceh kratom

The Leaf of life botanicals also offers kratom blends. Following are the Kratom blends available at this vendor:

  • Aceh Zen kratom blend
  • Pink bunny blend
  • Pink Maeng Da kratom blend

Discounts, deals and samples:

Leaf of life botanicals offer special discounts to their customers. This enables almost all the Kratom lovers to get Kratom without any difficulty. Contracts are also given to buyers.

Leaf of life botanicals also gives samples to their new customers. In this way, the customer gets a chance to test the products for free before purchasing.


Payment methods:

Leaf of life botanicals receives payments through Venmo, Cash app, G pay, Coin payments, Green E-check. You can get further details about paying through their website.

Delivery of the products:

Leaf of life botanicals deliver products exact on the mentioned date and time. They provide their products only in the regions where the government and FDA legalize Kratom.